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Saturday, December 14, 2013

French Toast Breakfast Sandwiches

This was an idea that came from combining the ideas of a few friends from Find A Grave and turned out delightfully glorious.  On with the song and dance, no?

First, mix up a few eggs and some milk, like you would for normal french toast.  Since this is more savory than sweet, instead of adding cinnamon to the mix like I usually do, I added a bit of seasoned salt.

Plop in a piece of bread...

...flip that puppy over so it is coated...

Then put it on a griddle or skillet warmed over high heat.  This may vary depending on your stove, but my heating element has been cranky, so I have to use high.

Flip them over once they start to look golden and toasty so the other side can cook.

Plunk a few pieces of ham steak that are cut roughly sandwich-sized on there to warm up.  They only need about 30 seconds on each side since they are already cooked...Just enough to get them hot.

Put down one piece of french toast and sprinkle it with a bit of cheddar jack cheese.

Add a ham steak piece on top of the cheese, then sprinkle with a little more cheese...

...and that's it!

These were surprisingly good and definitely a recipe that will stick around!  I love french toast, but am not too awful big on syrup, so this was a great way to turn a normally sickeningly sweet recipe into a hot, savory breakfast sandwich!



  1. That sounds great! I love French Toast, but have never added sugar or cinnamon to the batter, just the egg and milk mixture. Then butter the FT and drown with syrup.
    Gonna have to try that sandwich idea with the ham for Christmas. Thanks!

    1. Hey Billl, we not only add cinnamon I add vanilla too!

    2. Hi, guys! Billl - I've only ever had french toast as REALLY sweet, so this was a nice change-up...I'd swoon for it w/ Christmas ham, tho...

  2. well that is interesting. Husband would most likely like it!

    1. It came out great! Good to see you! :)