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Thursday, February 2, 2012

About Me

Wife of a wookie.  (Obviously)  What is a wookie?  A hairy, nerdy man who is the most epically awesome person ever.  I may be biased, though.

I'm a complete nerd almost to the point of embarrassment.  Despite the blog name, I'm a devout Trekkie...Hubs is the light saber-wielder.  I'm also a hordie, I love D&D and have an almost disturbing soft spot for old-school games.

I love to cook.  I'm trying to learn more and more to cook from scratch and attempting to learn to cook healthier foods, which is a completely new area for me.

I'm a kitchen witch, I make herbal remedies for almost every sniffle, sneeze, scrape or burn the Wookie or I end up with.

I read everything I can get my hands on.  This includes shampoo bottles and even sometimes looking up what's in them, which inevitably leads to a panicky "cleaning out of the cabinets" ritual from time-to-time.

I believe in all things natural and try to live as sustainably as our budget will allow.

I have more tenacity than is good for me.

I'm not perfect.  I screw up, I freak out, I lose it A LOT (thank you, anxiety).  I also curse like a sailor and don't understand why people get so offended by it.

I loathe the words "socially acceptable" and generally run from them.  To me, they are just another form of saying that being yourself isn't okay unless you're just like everyone else and that is lame.

I love girly things and I like my nails long and glittery, wear enough makeup to rival RuPaul, and frequently pair shorts with combat boots.  I wear what I like, not what's in style.  Life is too short to do otherwise.  If I had to describe my style, I'd say its roughly what would happen if a bohemian chick ran into a J-pop girl, then bounced off a drag queen.

I'm a metalhead.  Someone once told me, "You have an aura of dread and metal", and I found it to be a seriously huge compliment.

I hate roses.

Anything I left out?  Just ask.

***Note:  Since I'm a n00b to this whole blogging thing, I wasn't sure where in the hell to put this, so I just made a post and put a link at the top...Laugh at me if you must.  Or tell me how to fix it in slow, simple terms I can grasp since I'm a book nerd, not a computer nerd.


  1. You could put it under "who am I" or leave it here, except here it will eventually get lost as you post other stories and recipes.

    *GASP* You hate roses!!!

    1. Yep...Love all other flowers but roses and I have a very rocky history! Can't even stand the smell!