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Friday, January 27, 2012

Curry Chicken with Vegetables and Quinoa (+ review)

Yaaay!  So excited that we FINALLY caught up and got to try Quinoa around here.  Again, this isn't a paid review since no one knows I exist.  Just something I saw at the store and figured since we hadn't tried it before I'd post a review for anyone else who hasn't.  Ok, so recipe first?

Temper your chickens.  Grease up a skillet with olive oil and let it heat up on medium-ish heat.

Add the spices above to taste.  Careful on the cilantro, though.  That shit can be brutal.  Personally, I go heavier on the garlic, turmeric, and curry than everything else.

Put it all in there with enough water to keep the bottom covered.

While that's starting to cook, cut up half a medium onion and add it to the mix.  In about an hour or so, you should have something like this:

Got it?  Sweet!  Just don't forget to keep adding water over that  hour or you'll end up with a mess.  Keep the water at enough of a level to cover the bottom, but you don't want the chicken immersed.  That's boiling.


Okay, so take the chicken out, leave the onion, turn the heat down to medium-low and you should be left with a nice sauce.  Put it on a plate or in the oven or something and cover it up so it stays warm.  The chicken, not the sauce.  Most meats should really rest about ten minutes before you cut into and/or eat them, so since our sides are fast, this should give the chicken just enough time.

Grab some vegetables of your choice...I used broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots.

Let that cook up for a few minutes, stirring it all  up with the sauce.  While that's going, follow the directions on your quinoa package.

I used this one.  The stores here need some...erm...help with ordering.  In fact, the restaurants here do, too.  This area has an ODD palate.  They all turn their noses up at things like quinoa and whole-foods stores,  but brisket and baked beans in a burrito is just fine...Go fucking figure.

Anyway, between the 2 stores in our area only one had this stuff and there were 2 varieties of the same brand up there.  Directions are simple, fast, understandable.  I really liked this stuff.  I'd like to try it plain, though, and season it myself because the seasoning in this was way too salty for my tastes.  The texture was just lovely, though.

My review for this is thumbs-up.  I'll probably be picking up more, this time maybe trying the other flavor to see if its not as salty.

Where was I?

Oh, yeah.  Vegetables should look like this about the time the quinoa is done.

Plate that shit up!


Oh, and quinoa tastes MUCH better than it looks.


The Wookie Wife


  1. OK, I have to admit that I haven't made curry in ages and your blog has given me such a craving!

    1. Try it, but careful, it is addictive. Powdered curry is all I can get around here, and I even love that. I'm afraid if I were able to get my hands on the good stuff, I'd probably eat it straight out of the jar.