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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday

Here's a first, and I have no clue how faithful I'll be with this, but I figured I'd give it a shot this time at least.  For now, I'm just pretty proud of myself that I learned how to do the badge-thingy up there.  I hope to keep up with this at least once a month if not the once a week it should be.

I started my day off with coffee and a banana...Coffee with sugar and caramel creamer.  I'm hopelessly forever addicted to flavored liquid creamers.

And all through the day I had about a gazillion glasses of filtered water, as usual.  Yes, I drink my water out of an iced coffee cup.  I make iced coffee in them, too, just to be crazy sometimes.

I had a snack of some carrots and ranch vegetable dip...I only ate about half that dip I couldn't find my little sauce bowl.

Must. Organize. Cabinet.

Lunch was a Caesar salad in a jar (addicted to salads in jars, now SO easy), and potato and cheese perogies.  The jar salads look very pretty from the side...Unless you were lazy in your re-purposing and didn't scrape the salsa label off the jar.  Then you can't see the prettiness and have to take the picture straight down.

Dinner I forgot to take a picture of.  It was homemade chili with black beans and lots of fresh tomatoes put in.  Not so pretty, so I'm sure the pic isn't missed, but it was very tasty.

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