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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Chicken Stock

Another easy-to-make kitchen staple.  You control the salt and the depth of flavor...MUCH better than the canned shit.

You can start off with whatever combination of meat you want.  You can make stock out of white meat, dark meat, or a whole chicken - doesn't matter.  Stock made with both will have a nice balance to it, while dark meat stock will be heartier and more richly-flavored and, of course, white meat stock will be much lighter in flavor.  Whatever you decide, toss your birds into a pot with water covering an inch or so above them and set them on high.

Let it boil down, adding water so it doesn't all boil away...After a few hours you should have the above.  :)

Run it through a strainer or cheese cloth and set the meat aside to do whatever you want with it.

(Hint:  This is a really good time to make chicken salad.)

Spoon the oils off the top and let the broth cool...

Then, spoon it into ice cube trays and freeze it!  There ya go!  From-scratch chicken stock ready for recipes whenever you need it.

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