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Friday, June 22, 2012

DIY Glitter Bottom Heels!

Wow, this month is just flying by.  I checked up on my blog only to realize that I hadn't posted in damn near a week ...Oops.  I have a few projects I've been working on and a few small ones I've completed this month, but most of the interesting stuff is temporarily on hold since we've got a lot of things in the works in the near future.  New place = chaos before and all that.

Here is one small project I've gotten done lately.  I have no idea who to credit for this since it seems everyone and their mother is doing it, so if you're the original shoe-glitter-er, then let me know so I can give you credit!  ^_^

You'll need a cute pair of heels (or, alternatively, an ugly or plain pair you want to be cute in the near future), glitter, some brushes, water, and some sort of adhesive.  I improvised.  The only glues I seem to have in the entire house are hot glue, glue sticks, and Elmer's wood glue.  I must remedy that soon, but since I am about the farthest thing from patient ever and wanted glitter shoes NOW, I used the wood glue. 

Now its pop-quiz time!
Not any pictures of the actual process because it is:
a) easy as hell
b) I had glitter and glue EVERYWHERE
c) I'm just not sure how much more gluey-handed accidents my camera can handle
d) all of the above

If you answered all of the above, then pat yourself on the back or something.

Moving right along...I first coated the bottom arch of the sole (I didn't bother doing the "hey, I'll be walking on that..." part) with a nice, thick coat of wood glue.   While that was still wet, I applied the glitter.  I started off sprinkling, but I was grabbing pinch-fulls and patting them on there so it would be more dense after a few minutes.  Impatient, I tell you.

I used the flaky, splintery glitter.  What is the technical name for that type of glitter?  Is there one?  Who gets to name glitter?  Is that job position available?

Sorry, distracted.  Ok, now after that dries (I gave it half a day), I wanted to attempt to seal it so that glitter wouldn't just be forever left in my wake.  Ok, so it still is, just not from the shoes.  I made a glaze to go over it and I mixed it down about 2/3 glue 1/3 water.  Brush that mixture all over the glittery parts.  If you want more glitter or need to fill in bald patches, then go for it.  You can always let it dry then go over it with another glue wash later.  I did two washes, letting each one dry about 2 or 3 hours between applications.

Once it was done, I let them sit for a day or two to just make sure everything was all good.

I wore them out the other day and THE GLITTER STICKS!!!  :)

Sorry, super happy.  I half expected it to just be all over the place.

So there it is, DIY glitter soles!


  1. Oh my god you are totally reading my mind *_* I literally did this a few weeks ago to and haven't gotten around to posting it! I love that you did blue, they look amazing! You should totally be the person in charge of naming glitter :D

    1. Can't wait to see what yours look like. :) And we must be on the same page because I actually did this about 2 weeks ago and just now got around to posting it.

      I think we should start up a glitter committee lol!...Well, or a procrastinator's "Post crap 2 weeks after it happens" committee. Glitter committee sounds more festive.