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Monday, April 16, 2012

Craft Oranizing! {Embroidery Thread}

With all the crafting I've been doing lately, I've ended up with a ton of embroidery thread loose and just begging to get tangled with anything that dares venture close enough.

See?  Trouble waiting to happen.  This bag works fine before you've used any of the floss, but as soon as you use some those little paper thingies never seem to stay on.  They either tear off, fall off, or just do a disappearing act that would make anyone playing Vegas scratch their heads in wonder.

My solution?



Enter, an old card-stock DVD case.  I had a few of these lying around...Any sturdy-ish, thin card-y substance will do.  I just cut it into an "I"-shape with a slot on each end to hold the ends and wrapped the extra thread around them.

I tried a few different shapes, but ended up sticking with the "I"-shape as it seems to work best.  Now I can get anything I need without having to untangle shit.  Nothing kills your craft buzz worse than a bunch of knots.

The Wookie Wifey

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