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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Robot Felt Plushie DIY

Dude, I am so on a massive plushie kick.  I'm like a toddler that's just learned to work the light switch.  This little guy is one of the cutest freakin' things I've made to date.  In case you are behind and some of this post seems to be missing something, you can get a full, in-depth tutorial on felt plushie-making here.

First, I cut out the basic shape of his body (2 layers, one for his back side).  As usual, I used no pattern, just sort of winged it.  I chose the embroidery thread I wanted to use and cut out/tried on different face pieces until I found one I thought was cute.  I should have taken pictures of the faces I decided not to use because some of them were unintentionally creepy as hell.

His antennae are made from leather crimps.  I just grabbed some pliers and pulled on them until they got expanded to where I wanted them.  It would probably be easier to take the springs out of some old broken pens with the clicky-top, but I improvised.  His heart innards are some pieces I gutted out of an old watch.

Stitch all his parts on.  I chose a different colored stitching for his parts than for his outside because I wanted him to be approximately ten kinds of colorful.

Sandwich some foam between his layers, sew him up, and DONE.  The springs I just jabbed in once I got to about where I wanted them to go on his head, then went back over/around them a few times while sewing so they would be secure.

Here's a close-up of his little heart so you can see the parts I used...I stitched these pieces on in plain black thread so the focus would be on them, not the stitching.

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