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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Review - Stila Lip Glaze

Yet another review from the Box o' Awesome...and there's still a lot more to go!

This is Stila Lip Glaze in "Kitten".

To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of lip gloss.  They are sticky, messy, and most of them make you look like you've been drooling on yourself.  This one, however, is an exception.  While I didn't take a picture of the applicator, you turn the bottom to make the product come out onto an attached lip brush.  The application is easy, the brush is very soft, and, like most designs similar to this packaging, this one doesn't leak or get all gross in your bag, which is a big bonus, and I even let it knock around in my purse a few weeks just to check.  There's nothing worse than a product that ends up leaky or oily in your makeup bag or purse.

Here it is on its own, just a light gloss, not a glassy one and it has sort of a nice champagne shimmer to it.  As long as you don't put on gobs of it, it isn't sticky or uncomfortable at all and doesn't have that odd, chemically taste some do.

Here it is alone on the left and swatched over a bright red lipstick in middle and a more brownish color on the right so you can see how it can enhance other colors and it adds quite a nice touch.  This one is in sunlight.

...And here is the gloss over the same colors under a flash where you can see the sparkle in the gloss a bit more.

Overall, I'd give this a 10/10.  I've worn it several times and like it quite a lot.  It wears comfortable, light, and is versatile.  Usually any lip gloss goes straight to the garbage after one or two tries.  :)

<3 WW

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