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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Care Package of Beauty Awesomeness

A few days ago, I received this AMAZINGLY AWESOME BOX OF AWESOMENESS from a friend:

Yeah.  I'm pretty sure my shrieks were heard around the block.

There were all these samples which I've already been into and will be reviewing my favorites.  One of them I'll post a review for is just incredible.  It literally cleared my skin up overnight.  O.O

And here's what was in the box all spread out...

...and here's the other half because there was so much I had to do two shots.  Those brushes on top are Estee Lauder and my friend must be a mind reader as I'd had an...erm...incident with my eyebrow brush while waxing my brows a few weeks back, and hadn't bought a new one yet, lol.  I've already been using the benefit facial set-thing that is in the pretty box on the left under the brushes and it is just incredible, but I'll post a full review on that later.

There was also this kit for treated hair which I can't wait to use.  Since my hair is bleached, I'm quite excited to see how this does and will probably try it out this afternoon.

So stay tuned for tons of swatches and reviews coming up in the near future and also a HUGE thank you and about a billion hugs to my friend for sending me all these amazing products, it made my entire week!!




  1. Ooooh, what a lovely gift form your friend. I'm very much looking forward to the reviews. :)


    1. Thanks! They should start going up soon. I did some swatches today, so that part will probably start going up tomorrow.

  2. Epic box of awesome! Lucky lucky you! =)

    1. Thank you! Had been wanting to try some of these brands so bad!