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Saturday, April 20, 2013

DIY Button Makeover

I tend re-purpose and/or re-vamp things.  A lot.  At any given time, I have boxes of small objects stashed all over just waiting for their turn in a project.

Recently, we sorted through a huge stash of buttons we had that we had no use for in their current state.  You know how it is:  You see one cool button you want, it is on a card of 6 for like 2 bucks, so you buy the card, pin the one button to a bag or coat, then the rest rot in a drawer somewhere.

Not anymore!

Here's the leftover, abandoned, and unloved buttons before.  Some buttons sort of clip together and have paper between them so you can pretty well easily replace whatever is in them, but these weren't like that.

I started out by putting 2 coats of white nail polish on them to cover the prints that were on there.

Then, I started layering on other colors.  Most of these had a base color before I put the glitter over them, but the one with the glitter you already see on it was a hot pink jelly with holo glitter, so I wanted to just put several layers of that over the white so it would have a cool depth to it.

Once I had the base colors on, I started adding the glitters over them.

Once they were painted to where I was happy with them, I let them sit until completely dry, then I applied some cute Hello Kitty stickers to the centers.  Well, roughly the centers.  Some are a little off!  >.<

Once that was done, I added a super thick clear coat.  I just used Hard as Nails clear coat and put it on in very thick drips, then just sort of spread it around so it formed sort of a glaze.  This worked better than I ever could have hoped!  The buttons came out smooth, slick, and shiny just like they'd been pre-painting, even over the glitter.

That's it!  Here's the rest:

Even though the sticker is a little off-center, the gold holo is my favorite.  Sort of hard to get its full brilliance in the picture, but this think sparkles like it's nobody's business!

Have you ever re-done buttons?  Any improvements or ideas you could add?



  1. I love this idea! I have so many button pins that I'm never going to wear, but this way they can be whatever you want. Love the hello kitty sticker addition too. :3

    1. Thank you! They've been being tossed around on my bag for 2 weeks now and still look good as new, so apparently they are durable as well because I am NOT nice to my purses. I was going to make an assortment, but once I got into my sticker stash, Hello Kitty was all I had left. Can we say "sticker shopping spree time"? :)