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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sally Hansen Salon Effects - Review

**Note:  I received these in my Voxbox from Influenster to review, so I didn't pay for them, but the review is my 100% honest opinion.

This is what it says on their box:  (Link to website here, my comments in pink and a full review with lots of pictures below.)

  • No dry time - This was my very favorite thing about these.  I could pee right after I got done with my nails!!! <3
  • Lasts up to 10 days - I really think mine would have had it not been for a terrible kitchen faux pas - but even with the abuse I put my nails through, yard work, dishes, etc., they looked great after 6 days. 
  • Removes easily with nail polish remover - Yup.
  • 40 must-have styles - I want to try "Bling it On" and "Girl Power" SO BAD now.

First off, I really had my doubts about these things.  I was okay to try them, but I didn't expect to like them at all.

My meager excitement was further dampened by the zebra print.  Not really my thing.  "Oh well", I told myself, "they're free, so it can't hurt".

This is before I buffed my nails or anything...We'd been doing some work outside, so they looked...eew.  Sorry.  And I have no idea why it looks like I use sunless tanner in this picture, because, as I'm sure you can tell by the pasty-white leg in the background, I don't.

I noticed this on the side of the box...That did make me happy.

Precise, clear instructions...cool!

This is what they look like when you get them peeled off the backings.

No picture of just the first finger (and, yes, the pinkie nail is crooked, it broke off pretty low doing aforementioned yard work - also my turmeric-stained index finger from making a home-made paste for an insect bite for the Wookie), this is the first time I remembered to take a picture after marveling at how odd these things were off of the backing because between the two photos I was grumbling and cursing my ass off.

HOWEVER:  After the first two, things started to go quickly and easily.  The first two were frustrating, but stick to it, because once you get the hang of it, these things are soooo easy to put on.  In fact, I felt kind of stupid for grumbling about the first two so much.

Here's what they look like once you get them pressed onto the nail.

Yes, I know I need new nail clippers in the worst way.

Here's a picture of half-way through buffing the excess off.

And done!  I put a bit of silver glitter on the ring finger on my left hand, so that's why it looks blurry!

...And the other hand.  You can see here that I wasn't too good at stretching a few of them because I'm right-handed, so this one was a bit tough...But unless you were looking at my hand from exactly this angle, you couldn't tell.

So, here's some pictures of how they held up through the week, and I'll give you my final take on them at the bottom!! :)

***Day 3, picture forgotten - oops!

Here, at the end of day 4, they were just starting to chip, but it didn't look bad because of the pattern.  The pattern I originally didn't like that I ended up really, really liking a lot.

Day 5, still, looking pretty good...

End of day 6...I took them off at this point, but they could have probably hung in there for a few more days were it not for my clumsiness.  They still looked pretty-much like Day 5 until I had a kitchen fumble that resulted in me smacking my hand on a drawer-pull, breaking my middle nail pretty badly and tearing up the sticky-thing on it in the process...So it bugged me and I ended up removing them.

My overall verdict is:  These things are REALLY cool.  Way better than I expected them to be.  I expected some sort of decal-thing that would wear off in the first day, but what I got was a spiffy-looking printed manicure that lasted for quite a while.  I really want to try these on some fake nails since mine are so short, I think a pattern like this would be awesome on fake nails.

These came in  a box containing 16, which I thought was cool because I saved my extras to do accent nails or some such thing with, so I'll get to play around with them a bit more.

They retail for $9.99, which considering that they last so much longer than nail polish and could be applied to fake nails so you could get lots of uses out of them, I'd say is pretty good.  I couldn't afford to buy these EVERY time I do my nails, but for special occasions where I don't want to risk ruining nail art by dinging one on a door frame, or to buy a box to use for accent nails for nail art - hell yes.

Like.  Want.

Wookie Wifey

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