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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bath and Body Works Body Spray Review

This stuff...is...FABULOUS!

To be perfectly honest, I was happy that the bottle was so pretty, but I my first thought was "Awww, I didn't get the Cherry Blossom" since I'm a huge fan of anything cherry blossom-scented.  However, after using it the first time my disappointment was completely forgotten!

This is the Paris Amour Fine Fragrance Mist from Bath and Body Works I received from my VoxBox and it certainly did not disappoint!  The smell is sort of floral, feminine, and just gorgeous.

Its hard to explain because I've never had a body spray that smelled quite like this one before.  It is very girly and the scent lasts all day.  Its awesomely fragrant without being overly sweet...Which I love because I don't care to smell like candy as it makes me hungry!  >.<

I have another body spray, which I love, but it has sat sort of neglected since I got this one.  Don't get me wrong - I still love the other one I use (Calgon Hawaiian Ginger), and I've used the other since high school, so I'll never just completely abandon it, but this one has stolen the spotlight for the time being.

...And do I even need to mention that this bottle is just adorable?  It looks so nice sitting on my vanity tray, and as stupid as it sounds, I love pretty bottles because they don't need to be stashed in a cabinet or whatnot.

This bottle is HUGE (8oz, I believe), and I've been using it ever since it arrived and have yet to even put a dent in it and I have a feeling it will last for quite some time.  Due to that and the fact that the scent lasts all day, I'd say its worth the $14 price tag.  Let's face it - a lot of cheaper body sprays you smell only while you're spraying on, then 30 seconds later you can't smell them at all.  This stuff hangs around as good as my perfumes do, only it is a lighter, more laid-back, daytime-type strength, which I love.

I love this stuff and I've tried quite a few Bath and Body Works sprays before that I purchased for myself, but next time I buy their stuff - this will be on my list.  Unless they come out with something better before then!  :)


*Note - this was provided for free via Influenster, but opinions are mine and are 100% honest!  :)

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