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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Post-Halloween Haul, Adorable Snacks, and a Manicure

Perhaps my favorite time of the holidays is actually the day after the holiday.  Everything in stores holiday-related goes on clearance for half price or less and its the best time to shop for nifty little things.  Today, I went to check out the Halloween clearance items and here's my little haul!

I'm an idiot and ripped these open like a kid at Christmas and tossed the packages before I took pictures...But these are the Wet N' Wild Fantasy Makers Glitter Tattoo kit and the Dark Swan makeup kit.  I can't wait for an occasion to play with the glitter tattoos!  The nail stickers  are adorable as well and I will be sure to post pictures when I use them.

Here's swatches of the colors from the swan kit.  Hard to see in the photo, but they are SOOOOO SPARKLY OMG!  Ehm.  Sorry.  Glittergasm.

I also picked up (not pictured) a few reusable tumblers, a small decoration, and this little guy.  He's a Hexbug Nano, the first one I've had.  He was on clearance pretty cheap and I couldn't resist as the nerd side of me just pretty much tripped the hell out.   I'd been seeing these around and really wanted to play with one.

He's really a nifty little devil and I'm going to call him Scratchy.  These are too adorable and they run around like mad and turn themselves around when they hit an obstacle, and flip themselves back upright if they fall over.  Usually.

This I bought before Halloween, but still decided to post it here.  This is Wet N' Wild Fantasy Makers "Nail in the Coffin".  Its black with a dark silver shimmer/micro glitter.  This is 3 coats and I'm quite happy with it and that bottle is just too cute.  So worth $2.

And I've saved the best for last...


Finger cookies and mummy dogs!  My sister-in-law made these and I thought they were just too cute not to share.  The fingers are sugar cookies with almonds for nails and went great with coffee, and the mummy dogs are sausages wrapped in garlic crescent dough and were sooo yummy.

Anyone else have good Halloween hauls?


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