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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Random Photo Post - Thrifted!

I adore thrift stores.  Also, garage sales, junk shops, antique stores, flea markets...Pretty much any place I can get a bargain.  I just simply don't see the point of over-paying for new items that are usually so shoddily made that they will fall apart next week.  There are things I do prefer to buy new, but for a lot of things...Just take me to the thrift store, I'll be fine.

Part of it is the price, part is the fact that these things are perfectly good and need homes and a lot of great items get discarded just because they aren't someone's taste, and the other thing that factors into the fun is the thrill of the hunt.  There's nothing like pawing through a huge pile of what appears to be crap and finding a Vera Wang skirt or a Wedgewood tea cup (true stories, guys, I've found both!)

With that out of the way, I'd like to show off my first of many, many editions to come of a Thrifted edition of the usual monthly random photo post!

This cup was found at a yard sale...I think I paid 25 cents for it.  I loved the bright colors and the retro print!  

This, I love ever so much.  I bought two of these and, in fact, one is sitting right next to me with tea in it at the moment.  They are the perfect size for tea and I think they are adorable.  I got them at the same yard sale as the above one, and both were 50 cents, so that's less than a buck for 3 cups.

I am a fanatic of all things Batman.  A fanatic who has no idea why my pictures look fine on my computer then once in a blue moon one comes out all odd like above the second I upload it to blogger.  Penguin up there was 2 bucks, by the way.  No, I will not be removing it from the packaging.  What kind of nerd do you take me for?

This awsome little blacksmith I got from the guy who makes all the other awesome stuff I blogged about months ago at the local flea market.  He's recently started adding in these little sculptures and this is my favorite one I've seen up there so far so I'm so very glad to have him.

These.  Oh god, these.  Aren't they cute?!  I'm guessing these were from the '50s - '60s judging by the box they were in.  It had no date on it, but they came in their original box.  I paid a buck for them and they were still brand new, though I didn't get a picture of the box they came in as it was a bit beaten up.  They fit, though, and are very cute and comfortable to wear around the house when its not quite cold enough for fuzzy slippers, but not quite warm enough for bare feet.

Monet print...$1.  Yeah.  Will probably be painting these frames, though, not a fan.

Other Monet print...Also $1.  Beat that.  Please excuse cat hanging from camera strap.  These are older pictures.  Cat attacked EVERYTHING.

Oh look!  Another picture fucked up!

This jewelry box is one of my favorite things ever.  Hubs bought this for me at the flea market as the second I saw it, I fell in love...I think his reasoning was it was probably easier to buy it then and there than to watch me lament over the loss of such a good find for the next month.  That, and it was only $20 and it was near my birthday/a holiday (can't remember which, I'm good like that)  It is leather-covered wood and, let me tell you, I can fit some serious goodies in here, this puppy is HUGE.

Shot of the top...The corner designs are sort of pressed in.

Doors open to reveal lots of little drawers.  The middle slot has nothing in it, you can see below, but above is a shot of it with the cigar case I turned into a ring box in it as it happened to just slide right in there like it was made for it.

A shot of the little drawers.  The dust-looking residue on the bottom in front of the drawers...yeah, I don't know what that is.  I wiped at it when I cleaned the whole thing up, but it didn't come off and I don't want to damage it.  I'm thinking of trying a dab of furniture polish on it, though, to see if that fixes things.

What all do you find second-hand that is an amazing deal?



  1. I am SOOOO glad I work at the flea market, and that means I can only go look at a few booths near mine. Otherwise...my bank account would just die. So...many...nice...affordable things that need new homes!!! lol

    1. Haha, I know...Soooo many posts of finds that will go up. Of course it all accumulated over the course of years, that one or two items a week adds up! ;)