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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Yule for Geeks

Christmas/Yule can be a tricky time if you're particularly nerdy, specifically if you don't care for a lot of the normal decorations you can get at the store.  If you've been reading for more than about 3 seconds then you've probably already surmised that my solution is to just make stuff my damn self!  ^_^

Enter:  the nerdy Christmas stockings!

For this project, I used some super fugly pants I found at a thrift store.  These are some horrid, high-waisted, '90's numbers.  And these are junior's sizes, guys.  Yeah, you heard that right.  Some poor child probably got sent to school in these odd, badly cut, awkward, cropped-length pants.  One pair even had -gasp- PLEATS!  THE HORROR!

Anyway, cut off the part you want to use and draw a rough stocking shape.  I tried to use as many existing hems and seams as I could since I'm not the best seamstress in the world.   Okay, okay, I may be the worst. Still, here goes:

Cut that puppy out, flip it inside-out, and pin it.

Thread your needle...Since I only had this thread (sad, I know), I doubled it so that it would be nice and thick.  On some I used embroidery thread since I ran out of my ONE spool of thread.  /facepalm

Stitch it up, then flip it back right-side-out.

Next, choose what nerdy emblem you want on it and cut that out of another fabric of choice.  I chose felt and I didn't use a pattern or anything, just drew the shape directly onto the felt then cut it out.

Time to heat up that glue gun!

While that's heating, cut out some small strips of felt, loop them around, then glue them together as seen above so it forms a loop to hang them from.  Glue everything on.

NERDY YULE!  Here's some snapshots of all the ones I did:

A Halo one I did for a friend.

Mario star for another friend...

Second Star Trek one for yet another friend.  Its good to be my friend.

Hubs' Mass Effect stocking on the left and my  Star Trek one on the right!

These are hung now and are just too damn cute with my nerdy salt-dough ornaments I made for our tree!  *-*



  1. LOVES! If I had a place to hang a stocking I would have to do a Star Wars one =P