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Saturday, May 4, 2013

News Time!

Sadly, the cooking blog will be on a break for several weeks, so if you like the crafts and beauty reviews, be sure to follow those as they will be being updated as usual.  There's about to be a jaw surgery in the household and doing a lot of cooking would be just cruel, and though I'm a bitch, I'm not THAT much of a bitch.  However, I will be making lots and lots of malts, I'm sure, and I use my dad's recipe, which is splendid, so I'll try to post it.

The good news is, after that stint's over, I plan to begin to delve into my great-grandmother's recipes I have laying around here as well as a collection of recipes that belong to an old family friend who is an amazing cook, so there will be a lull in recipes, but after that it should be back to the at-least-once-a-week schedule!


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