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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Undiscovered Country

So I figured it was time to shake things up a bit.  I know there are a lot of people who read ONLY for recipes, crafts, or reviews, so here's how things will be from now on:

How to Feed a Wookie will be cooking and recipes only.

Wookie Wifey's Romulan Vanity will be all about makeup, skin care products, beauty reviews, hair, jewelry, etc.

The Wookie/Romulan Craft Crossover will be crafts, photo posts, DIYs, organizing, and just whatever other random shit I decide to go on about that day.  All nerd types welcome.

I'll provide links to the other blogs on each blog on the top right-hand side for easy navigation, but in the meantime there may be a bit of a lag in posting and things may mysteriously move around on here and the new blogs for a few days.

Also, you may note, the conspicuous Star Trek theme to the new "wings", if you will, of the little budding blog manor here.  As is mentioned in my 'about me' thing, although the Wookie is a Star Wars fan, I am actually a Trekkie, yet somehow we live reasonably harmoniously despite our obvious nerd differences.  This blog is about picky-man-friendly food and therefore earned his name in the title, but even though I am a Wookie's wife, I've always leaned more towards Romulan, myself.  They tend to be emotional and passionate and that is probably a big reason why I've always identified with them!

Since I am very lazy, I will just add a link directory for all the past posts on the new blogs and post new things where they belong from here on out.  I was going to draw new chibis for the two new sites, but I'll just end up using the ones I have.  I didn't draw them and there's a reason for that.  Mine didn't come out so well....  Don't forget to follow the ones you want to stay caught up on and fix any bookmarks and I hope you all enjoy the new stuff!

(the Romulan) Wookie Wifey

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