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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dr. Scholl's For Her Ball of Foot Cushions Review

**These insoles were provided for free from Influenster, they were the bonus item in the Spring Beauty VoxBox I received a few days ago.  Even though I did not pay for them, this review will be 100% honest, promise!  :)

The above picture is just so you can see the insoles are actually in there and I also took this pic before I decided to strap the Wookie's old studded bracelets onto my ankles...Just...Because I could I guess (scrawny ankles ftw)...If you look at the shiny, gel-looking thing right below the ball of my foot, that is it!  :)  Also, as an added bonus, you too can have these awesome ankle cuffs if you have skinny ankles...They are just men's punk bracelets.  I love these because they are some of the original, leather, reeeally heavy ones and they just add so much OH HELL YEAH...I'll probably be wearing these with every pair of shoes from now on.

I wanted to put these things through a fairly rigorous test, so I put the insoles in, strapped on these wedges, and went grocery shopping.


Oddly enough, when I left the store, the balls of my feet felt just fine.  That actually says a lot, because these shoes were absolute murder...Hence me owning them for about 2 years and them spending almost the entire time on a shelf.

Admittedly, the strappy part did blister the backs of my ankles and the part across my toes still rubbed me half raw, but that wasn't the insoles fault, it was mine for not remembering these shoes rub EVERYWHERE and taking appropriate precautions.  The bracelets were fine, oddly enough,  but with my skinny ankles I have trouble with straps rubbing quite a bit...Oh, if only the rest of me were as skinny as my ankles, I could then eat my way back to a healthy weight.

Now, I'd had a comment on Pinterest with someone saying these insoles do not work...I strongly disagree because the bottoms of my feet feel great and now I'll be wanting a pair for every pair of heels I have...However, I didn't put them in right.  Instead of just sticking them to the shoe the way there were positioned in the package, I held them to my foot, then to the shoe before taking the sticky backing off and tried them on in several positions until I found a way to situate them that took the pressure off of the balls of my feet in all the right places.  So my insoles are actually in sideways, but it sure works for me, and they are much more comfy that way.  If you've had these and not been satisfied with them before, I'd recommend just fiddling with them in different areas of the shoe and in different positions until you find what is right for you...After all, I don't think there is an actual rulebook for this sort of thing, right?  :)

I looked for a retail price on the website, but didn't see one...However you can get a coupon!  YAY!


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