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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Venison Burgers

Here's another recipe for those of us who aren't afraid to eat Bambi.  In fact, I loooove me some deer-burgers.  Venison is such a lean and healthy meat and the lavor is divine - if you haven't tried venison at all, I'd say this is a good, safe recipe to start with.

Firstly, don't forget to get your cast iron heating up.  I used about 1/3 of a pound of ground venison for two burgers.  I mixed in half a packet of off-brand onion soup mix...doesn't matter what brand, or you can use some of the home-made stuff.  Mix it all together with your hands and form it into patties.

Put them in your pre-heated skillet and sprinkle with a little sea salt and black pepper.

Splash about a tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce over each, and cook until done all the way through.  The pokey trick you use with steaks and regular burgers works the same here.

Put on a bun with whatever you want...Mustard, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, and pickle shown here.  Mine is the picture up top with onions instead of pickles because I think pickles are of the devil.  Whatever your poison, just dress it up like you would a beef burger.  Nom.



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