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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Nail Pledge Manicure #3 - Gold Glitter

I figure its time to start testing out and reviewing all the amazing nail polishes the Wookie got me for my birthday.  I'd tried a color out before this one, but I didn't seem to get any pictures of it.  It will be used again, though, so we're safe there.

This is what I went with this time:

This beauty is 24 Carat.  Tiny gold glitter and holo glitter with pink-toned holo diamonds floating around inside.

I layered two coats of it over two coats of Americano, a golden, sandy metallic.  As you can see, my nail growing pledge is giving me pains as I had a nail break and had to file a bit.  Still at it, though.

And it glistened like mad.  I wish any of these pictures showed it justice.

These Kleancolor nail polishes go on beautifully.  This brand should get more recognition that it does, imo.

<3 WW