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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Nail Pledge Manicure #4 - Lok'tar

You guessed it.  This manicure is WoW-inspired.

I started off with 2 coats of Pure Ice in Siren and 2 coats of Kleancolor in Metallic Yellow on my ring fingers.

Then, I figured out that if you use the cut end of tape, it leaves a spiffy jagged edge, so I taped the tips of my nails off.

Then, I painted over it with a coat of Metallic Yellow...

...And yanked off the tape.

Here's where we're at so far.  Now for the logo.  :)

First off, draw a horseshoe/keyhole shape with little feet on your nail.  I used Kleancolor in Black with a nail art brush salvaged from an old nail art paint.

Next, draw a triangle over it with the ends of it going to the widest point in the loop.

Fill in any gaps created by the triangle and give it horns.

Next, add the diamond inn the middle and the little arms...Mine's a little fucked up.



<3 WookieWifey


  1. Showed this to my brother as he is WoW fanatic. Apparently he plays for the horde too, um, whatever that means. :)

    I love the tape/jagged edges on your mani though. Inspired idea.

  2. I am horde loyal, I painted my mouse horde themed and done a hearthstone plushie and that Ipod case in last photo. I'm a nerd. Tell your brother I said "FOR THE HORDE!", and all you need to know is that horde is the side that rocks. :)