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Friday, September 14, 2012

Organic Bath Co. Better Body Butter Review

**Product paid for by me for personal use, reviews 100% honest opinions!

I picked this body butter up in a little kit of various Organic Bath Co. products at a discount store for a buck.  I'd never heard of the brand and can't find anything about it online much except that an 8oz tub of this stuff is about 13 bucks, which I isn't my definition of "affordable", but I'm broke and cheap, but if I were rich I'd buy it and if I see it in a closeout store again, IT IS MINE.

The kit was pomegranate-fig scented, which smells decidedly delicious, and came with bath salts (pretty good, smelled great, but how can you fuck those up?), bath gel (again, good, I'd say average bath gel quality), body scrub (didn't care for that one one little bit, it was runny and felt sort of slimy), and this Better Body Butter.

Here is the body butter, and they aren't kidding about the 'butter' part or the 'better' part.  This stuff is THICK.  Here's your proof:  When I bought the kit, due to the convenient, cute size of the jar, I tossed it in my bag...And promptly forgot about it for around a month.  After that long of bouncing around in my bag, which, I assure you, I am NOT gentle with and gets slung everywhere, it looked like this when I rediscovered it cleaning out my purse:

Yeah.  Still pristine and you can even see the pretty little swirls where it was filled up.  I'd expected to open it and have hell keeping it contained with half it on the lid, but NOPE!

Here's a shot from just the other day, maybe 2 weeks later.  Hard to tell, but its almost gone, and as you can see from the light on the ceiling, in case you needed further proof, this picture was taken upside-down.

This stuff goes on so well...No greasy feeling AT ALL, which is very important to me as the last thing I want to feel when I first get out of a bath is like I've rolled in a vat of Crisco.

Since there is very little left I'm using it currently only as a hand creme, but I did use it on my legs a few times after shaving and it didn't cause the usual lotion-after-shaving red bums I get from most lotions and cremes.  I also slathered it on then put some socks on before bed and noticed I had very silky feet the next day.

Over all, this was the best product in the bag and if you see it around at a price you can afford, go for it!

Wookie Wifey

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