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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Crafty - DIY Gir DVD Drive

My DVD drive burner thingy went out in my laptop.  Hubs, being awesome, got me an external for Yule.  There was a cute pink one I wanted, but it was about $40 more expensive than the black one, so I said fuck it, get the black one and I'll just paint it myself the way I did the mouse and game controllers.

First thing I did was paint the basic color I wanted.  I used a purple nail polish and it is actually darker than it shows up in the pictures, but oh well.

 Then, I painted the design I wanted on it in black nail polish.  This is one of the ones with the little nail art brushes.

Next, I began layering on the color, drawing accessories, and added glitter around the doodads in the background as a last impulse, but it turned out to make it way cuter, so that's all good  The colors took quite a few layers as this purple turned out to bleed with other cream colors quite badly.

And done!

Saved $40 and its WAY cuter than the plain pink one was!