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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Piggy Paint Update - Pink Swatches

Here are the other swatches from the Post-Yule Haul Mini Piggy Paint Kit.  You may remember I was not at all impressed with the green.  I'm sorry to say that with all my high hopes for this brand, I must give them two thumbs way, way down.

See for yourself: One coat...

Two coats...at this point I noticed it was just as crappy as the green and only did my thumbs.

Three coats:

You can even see in the picture of three coats how sheer and streaky it is, but it was much worse live.

Sorry, Piggy Paint...thanks, but no thanks.



  1. WW- I have nail polish like this with that sheerness. I deeply feel that this is what glitter polish is made for. Do a coat of this sheer and than put one coat of glitter polish on it. See if you like that better.

    1. Ok- I just saw the green. That is terrible! Get a glittery that is mixed in with clear to put over top of this pink.

    2. I would, but we used these for ammo to test our our new slingshot...hehehe!