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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Birthday Haul Part 2!

I thought I'd posted this, but apparently I'm insane.

First off, my in-laws gifted me a shit-ton of gorgeous eye shadows for my birthday!  There are the above 3 palettes, which are good for blending and basic, everyday stuff and I love the light, shimmery pinks in them as I tend to wear pink and red eye shadows quite a lot...

...and these two individual colors, which are by far my favorite as they are just so pigmented and sparkly!  The flash made them look a bit lighter than they are, but the sparkle just didn't pick up the same without the flash and I've still been to lazy to make a light box.  The colors are actually about 3 or 4 shades darker than what you see, the blue is a dark sapphire and the purple is sort of a deep plum.  LOVE them.  I only wish the pictures did them any sort of justice whatsoever.

Now for the smelly-goods!  There's a Bath and Body Works outlet about an hour (maybe a little less) from our house and I love that place, but since there aren't any other stores in the outlet mall that I care for, most times a drive that far for one store isn't very justifiable...But, of course, on my birthday he always makes exceptions for my eccentricities, so he drove all the way out there and then just basically turned me loose.

L to R:
  • Pink Grapefruit body creme...My favorite, been using it off and on since Jr. High.
  • Country Chic body spray - this has become a room spray as, sadly, it smells AMAZING...until it hits my skin then it smells awful.
  • Japanese Cherry Blossom body spray - adore this stuff
  • Pink Chiffon perfume - this also came with a purse-size lotion and this smell is just too dreamy to be true.  This has earned a spot on my top 5 favorite perfumes list
  • Peach Citrus body spray - I almost didn't even try this as I'm not usually a big fan of peach, but the citrus balances it out beautifully and it smells divine.
  • I <3 Watermelon Cherry bath gel - Smells soooo good and if you use this in the shower then the Peach Citrus spray afterward, you smell like a walking bowl of fruit in a totally good way.

Better shot of the Pink Chiffon bottle because its so pretty and it came in an adorable little black and white polka dot plastic canister that I now use to hold cotton balls in the bathroom!

Wonderful birthday hauls, so thanks to everyone who thought of me and was so amazing to me on/around my birthday!

<3 WW


  1. what brand are the eyeshadows? LOVE the sparkle! and bath and body...that place...its so bad for me to go in there. As in my wallet starts to cry as I get closer and closer lol. In a way, you are lucky the outlet is that far away! There is one WAY too close to me...dangerously close...

    1. The palettes are Maybelline Expert Wear in Sunbaked Neutrals, Twilight Rays, and Hushed Tints and the sparklies are Revlon Diamond Lust in Plum Galaxy and Neptune Star and when you put them on they are soooo sparkly!!