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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Nail Pledge Manicure #6 - Cauldron Nails

These came out light years more cute than I expected them to.

I forgot to take a picture of just the base color.  This was two coats of KleanColor Sweet Orange, which is just adorable.   I started off with drawing a small line of black about halfway up the nail I wanted the art on.

Then, I drew two convex (or concave depending on the angle you're looking, I suppose) arcs from that line to the tip of my nail.

Then color in between those lines, and there's your cauldron!

Next, I added the moon and stars with a stamp plate.  Do try not to get part of the moon on your cuticle, but really that's up to you.

Then I added some wisps of steam rising out of the cauldron with some silver.

There we go!

Witchy nails!

The Wookie Wifey


  1. Halloween is a favourite holiday of mie and I'm witch obsessed, so these nails tick all the boxes for me. Love them! Nail art is usually so intimidating to me, I like how you show cool designs with simple instructions. Makes me feel like even I could have nice nail art. :)

    1. Wow, what an amazing compliment, thank you! *.*