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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fun with Salt Dough! XD

There have been tons of things bumbling around the interwebz about air-dry salt dough and it looked so fun I couldn't resist giving it a shot...Then, it turns out, it was so much fun that I ended up doing 2 batches!

Here's the recipe:

2 cups all-purpose flour
1 cup salt
1 cup water

...and here's what I made:

I wanted some cute decorations to sit in some retro silver-plated candy dishes for Samhain, so I made some!

I used silicon molds I found at the dollar store for the shapes.

I painted them with nail polish!  You have to wait until they are COMPLETELY dry before you do this, so these dried for about a week and a half because they are so thick.

Dunked a few in glitter, and there we go!  Those were from the second batch I did as all the pictures are sort of mixed up.

SUSHI!  This was from the first batch.  These I just made by hand, then painted with nail polish as well.

They were surprisingly easy to do seeing as how I've never molded anything in my life unless you count prodding around in Play-dough when I was little.

I made two different dessert platters, but only thought to take pictures of one.  All the pieces move, but I'm considering gluing them to the plate and turning them into fridge magnets!

These were also from the second batch.  We have one of those tiny, cute trees we put up on Yule and its quite hard to find cute ornaments for them without giving up an arm and a leg, so I decided to make some.  Then, I could make us custom, geeky ones, which was even better!

Seen above is the back of the Star Trek badge ornament, my WoW Hearthstone ornament, and my Mario star.

Here is the front of the Star Trek ornament, a Global Dynamics one (any Eureka fans out there?), and two other round ones.

A close-up of the star trek and the Mario 'shroom.  There are eyes painted on the other side of the star beads around it, but I couldn't get them to sit still for the picture.

A shot of things drying...I needed to get them out of the molds so they could air-dry, so I froze them for a few hours, then popped them out of the molds and since I didn't have any wax paper, I put them on a label sheet that didn't have any labels left in it and it worked just fine.

 And a shot of the ornaments.  I put earring wires through the ornaments while they were still wet and let them dry in there.  The heart ones came out super cute, but I forgot to take pictures of those as well...So we'll just save them for another post then!

Have you tried salt dough?  What were your results?



  1. Wow! This does look like fun!! LOVE the Mario ones!

    1. You should give it a try, they were super easy and look so much better in person!