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Friday, October 5, 2012

Nail Pledge Manicure #5 - Skulls!

I wait all year to do Halloween-themed things.

That's a lie.

I do Halloween-themed things year round, so...Yeah, not so much on the waiting part.

This is what I did this time, and excuse the streaky-ness of the final prodcut.  Turns out my top coat is the worst top coat in the world and streaks EVERY FUCKING THING even if its been dry for hours before I apply it.  In light of that, I will be using it only as a base coat until I can get something else, and I can't even do that on creamy colors as it causes them to streak and you'll have one or two places where there's no polish at all and others where its super thick.  I may light this base/top coat on fire when I find a new one, I hate it that much.

I had this idea stashed away on one of my Pinterest boards, but it turns out the source I had pinned it from had deleted it.  So I have no idea where it came from.

Super simple one here...Paint all your nails white.

Then, taking black (this is KleanColor that I poured into an old nail art bottle with the tiny brush), make little stripes on the bottom 1/3 or so of your nail.

Next, make a small, upside-down heart on above that and in the middle.  I used the connect-the-two-dots-with-a-toothpick method.

Add eyes and done!

I was going to do the eyes with a dotter, but I decided to sort of color them on with a toothpick instead as I wanted them to be sort of cavernous and uneven.

Done!  Careful clear coating, though, or you'll end up with streaky skulls like I did...



  1. I love this! So cute for october & halloween. I think even I could do this as it seems fairly simple, but still looks cool. :)