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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Yule Gifts and Post-Christmas Sale Mini-Haul!

This year I must have been a very good little elf because I had an amazing holiday.

Hubs got me this powder and this gel eyeliner.  It is a Dolly Wink knock-off I'd been eyeing online and it is quite great, I'll post a full review later on.  The powder I used to use back in Jr. High and my mom used this stuff and her mom and her mom's mom...Yeah, this stuff goes back generations in my family and I swear by it.  It goes on lovely and smells just incredible.  I also received some other epic stuffs that aren't pictured due to me forgetting to take pictures, etc, but all prizes were super spiffy and exciting and some you will see appear in reviews!

A friend sent me these boots and I don't know much about them except they are leather and from England.  There is no mark or stamp on them that I can see but they are fuckin' stellar!

LOOOOOVE.  They do take commitment to get into though, as there are no zippers, you have to actually buckle yourself into them.

Still, I've worn them almost every time we've left the house since I got them!

This super cute necklace is from the MIL.  I think it is just too adorable and she really did a wonderful job picking it out as I <3 Hello Kitty and didn't even know she knew!

As with most holidays, my favorite day is the day after - when all the stuff goes on sale.  This is my min-haul from this year, and some of this will probably get reviewed sooner or later.  I have tons of makeup to try out and review and use now, so no makeup, but I couldn't resist the Piggy Paint because I've been dying to try them ever since I first read about them.  I got the Piggy Paint set and the color names I don't see mentioned but it is a hot pink and a green with glitter.  The other things, in case they are hard to read on your screen, are Code Red lip balm, the Pepsi lip balm set, a Hard Candy heart-shaped glitter lip gloss, and the Juicy Fruit Rich Cocoa Bean balm.  I don't know if that last was on clearance or not, but it was mixed in with the clearance stuff and I needed balms as mine's almost out so I sort of went nuts.

I do that.

A lot.

What did you do for the holiday and sort of loot did you guys get?

Any good post-holiday sale items you were able to snag?

<3 WW


  1. I'm curious about the powder! Do you think it would work well for oily skin? I love the vintage look of the package!

    1. IMHO, yes. I have normal skin now, oily skin in high school and both times it has worked great for me. We found this on amazon for like $8 +shipping so its cheap enough to try out. The container is very cute and it even comes with a puff that's nice/fluffy enough to use instead of the usual trash applicator.

  2. Those boots. My jaw actually dropped they are so beautiful. I bet they're hell to get done up, but they look great. :O

    1. Haha, tyty...they do take 3-4 minutes to buckle up. <3 them anyway!