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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Corn Dog Muffins

These little guys are so cute.

They also may be the easiest thing ever.  I found them just bumbling along one day at My Kitchen Adventures and knew instantly that they fell under the "man food" category the Wookie loves so I figured I'd cook some up so we could try them, although I did modify them some, which, it turns out, may not have been epic.

First off, I used regular muffins because I was too lazy to scrub things and was out of mini liners.  I used regular hot dogs and that cheap-o cornbread mix.

Make the mix according to the directions, then fill 'em up.  I put in a teen bit of batter just to cover the bottoms of the cups, then the hot dogs, which were cut into thirds, then filled it the rest of the way since I didn't want the weight of the hot dogs to offset everything and make a huge mess.

Once they are done, serve them with mustard.  Or whatever.  I like mustard.  Old clearance Halloween cupcake liners are optional, of course.

And here's what they look like from the inside:

They were a pretty good lunch, they made the Wookie happy, my only drawback is that next time I want to make the cornbread part from scratch so I can omit the sugar.  The mix I used was just a bit too sweet for this.  He didn't complain about the tinge of sweetness, but he didn't jump up and down, either.  I did like the large muffins instead of the mini, though, because the batter on the corn dogs is what gets me hot-n-bothered and this way there's more batter-to-wiener ratio.

I'm going to stop now before I go off into some sort of odd, dirty joke tangent.

Give 'em a shot.  They were super easy and pretty fun to make.  I love the idea of non-sweet cupcakes.  Now my brains are turning for what I can make tonight...Dinner from a cupcake tin, perhaps?  MUAHAHAHA.


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