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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Goodness on Rice

I have no idea what to call this dish.  It was born out of necessity and turned out to be so incredible that I can not wait to cook it again.  Its one of those dishes that really doesn't look so hot, but it tastes like absolute Southern Heaven.

First,  you need about a half pound of skirt steak that is pre-seasoned for fajita meat.  Or you could just use regular skirt steak and season it yourself.  Also, start out with a large pot.  I started out with that one thinking it would be enough, but since I'm an idiot it boiled over and I had to switch and then wash TWO pots.  I'm a fucking genius, you'll catch on to that.  Put that puppy on high.

Add one small, chopped onion and about 3 cloves of minced garlic.  I didn't take a picture of that...See "fucking genius" statement above for explanation.

Anywho, let that shit boil for about 3 hours, or until the skirt steak starts to fall apart.  Don't forget to keep adding water, just enough to cover things is fine.

Once it looks about like the above, its time to add this:

Mmm...Mustard and turnip greens.  Once these are in the pot, leave it on high and keep doing the whole "add water" thing.

Next, its time for rice.  Since I don't have a fine mesh strainer, I used the toe of some unused stockings I mauled and turned into leggings, which worked great...The leggings and the strainer.

Rinse the rice through the stocking, (or your mesh strainer if you're lucky enough to have one), until the water runs clear.  Then, soak the rice in some water for 30 minutes.  After that, let it drain.  I tied the stocking to my faucet for the draining.  Be sure to let it drain well, because you don't want more water in when you cook it than you think.  Unless you want soggy rice.

After that, cook the rice as normal.  I used 1 cup of rice, 1 3/4 cups of water, a dash of salt, and a tablespoon of olive oil.  After it has cooked, let it rest, covered, for 30 minutes.  This does make a huge difference.

Once your rice is almost rested, your greens and stuff should have boiled down to where everything is nice and shredded and there is only a bit of excess water, like so:

Once it looks like that, add a packet of brown gravy mix and stir it all up well.  Take it off the heat and let it stand, stirring occasionally, for about 5 minutes so it can thicken and turn into the awesomeness it is destined to be.

Plate it up, and there you go.  This is the only shot that wasn't blurry since it smelled soooooo good and I was in a huge hurry to start shoving it into my face.  This stuff will probably, sooner or later, be named a sin by the Catholic Church.  Its.  That.  Damned.  Good.

Would love feedback if you give this a shot. 


The Wookie Wifey

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