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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

DIY Nail Polish Colors (and GLITTERS!)

I did this about a week or two ago after seeing the idea on Pinterest and realized upon trying it that Lindsay over at Delighted Momma may have had one of the best ideas ever in this.

She used clear nail polish for hers, but I had tons of these lying around.  I got a massive grab bag of 7 or 8 nail polishes and 2 lipsticks for $1 at a discount outlet and four of the colors were this milky color.  By reading the names of them, my guess would be that they weren't always white, but got left near a window for far too long.  Yes, the sun is brutal enough to do that here.  Either way, it made them the perfect project polish!

Here's just a random shot of the top of one of the bottles.  I think its so pretty and I'm just obsessed with them.  I used two of the bottles up on craft projects (yes, yes you do sense a future post coming), and popped the little gems out of the caps to save for more projects later.

You'll also need GLITTER!

...as well as eyeshadow, whatever nail polish you want to use as your base, a small piece of paper to make a funnel out of, and a stick to sort of poke stubborn clumps down the funnel.  I used a popsicle  stick and trimmed one end into a point.  The pretty purple in the background was my test-run.  No eyeshadow in that one, just the flaky purple glitter.

So, step one is to choose what color you want your nail polish to be.  I have next to no neutral tones in my collection, so I decided to remedy that.  Once you choose your color, take the pointy, trimmed popscicle stick and crushy crushy crushy.  It doesn't have to be all powdery, it will break up in the bottle, but you want it small enough to go down the funnel easily.

Make your funnel out of paper...I didn't even bother taping mine up, it stayed once I put it in the mouth of the bottle.  Add the eyeshadow powder a little at a time, shaking in between additions.  Keep going until you get the shade you want.

Here, you can see on my pinky where it wasn't quiiite dark enough yet, so I added a bit more and the ring finger is the final product.

You can also see my purple test-runs...Index finger was the first test.  NOT ENOUGH GLITTER!

Traffic finger second...STILL NOT ENOUGH GLITTER!

Thumb was the final product.  Yay!  ^_^

I have no idea why the brand name-less cheap-o glitter I used turned the nail polish itself purple and I have no idea if other glitters would do that or not because this is the only type I had, just in various colors!  Will be trying other types in the future, though.


And, finally, a green!

Custom nail polish, any color you want, super quickly.

Seriously.  Fucking.  Stellar!  *.*

Wookie Wifey

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