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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What's In My Bag? (And Tampax Review)

I actually had to click an agreement confirming that I was okay with reviewing a feminine product.  That tells me there are women who have an issue with discussing these things.  Grown women who have a problem with it.  For some reason, that cracks me up.  I don't know about you, but I got over the horror, nay the shock, nay the pure, white-hot embarrassment that comes along with being a girl back when I was in Jr. High.

So, if you are one of those people, just click away.

This post is about tampons.

And pads.

And the cute little bag they came in.  Get over it.

In keeping with the theme of all things girly, I figured I'd go ahead and do a "What's in my bag" post.  When I was in school, one of the seemingly favorite past-times for my friends and I was to paw through each other's bags. 

I haven't noticed much of a difference in the blogger world!

So, thanks to Natalie at EXTRA LARGE as Life who kicked off this idea forever ago when I saw her post and was inspired, oddly enough, because we both carry the mini Sharpie, which
is just so random, therefore I present you with:

The endless bag of death.

My affectionate nick-name for my purse since things tend to get lost and die in
there.  Expiration dates beware.

Note, there is no picture of the actual bag itself because I change it out every
few weeks, but you'd be very surprised what small, cute bags I can cram all this
shit into.  We will get to the numbers in a minute.

This is what I WAS storing my girly stuff in.  As you can see, this contained a tampon, a pantyliner, lip balm, brush, mirror, bobby pins, a small jar of hand cream, a few bandages, and if I'm wearing it at the time, lipstick gets tossed in there.

It is now all in the cute little bag from Tampax!  I swapped out the makeup items from my other bag and put them in this one with their tampons and such (behind the pantyliner, you can't see it in the pic).  I haven't tried the actual products themselves, yet, but I'm sure they will be just fine as I've used Tampax products in the past and had no trouble with them...and I do love the bag.  Everything fits fine except the bulky hand cream and that leaves me the candy-patterned bag empty now for...

My new tool pouch!  This is awesome, too, because all of this comes in such handy, but its just been sort of floating around in the bottom of my bag or in side pockets.  They very much needed their own home. 

So!  Back to those numbers!  ^_^

1 - beauty pouch - as mentioned, contains lip balm, bobby pins, pantyliner, tampon, brush, and mirror.

2 - lots of pens.

3 - coupons, calculator, fuzzy notebook.  Notebook contains measurements in the back for windows, cabinets, doors, etc., in case needed at a flea market or whatnot.

4 - wallet

5 - change/money pouch

6 - jewelry graveyard - things I carry with me in the unlikely event I ever actually remember to get it fixed.

7 - hand cream

8 - mini-Sharpie.  I stole this from the Wookie about 2 years ago and have carried it ever since.  This thing seriously comes in handy.

9 - keys

10 - tools - 2 knives, Leatherman, mini Mag lite, lighter, measuring tape with a Hello Kitty sticker on the front so the Wookie won't steal it.  I've already lost 3 to him, so this time I took precautions.

Usually the phone, my camera, and sometimes Ipod and/or DS get tossed in there, too before we leave the house.

What unusual things do you carry?  ^_^


*Tampons, pads, and cutesy little purple wristlet provided by Tampax via Influenster.  Opinions are mine, but I was given product to review for free.

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