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Friday, July 27, 2012

Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Lotion Sunscreen - REVIEW

**Note, this product was provided for free via , Influenster opinions are solely my own.

This is one of the last things left to review from my Voxbox. 

 My take:

The first thing I noticed about this is that it isn't over-powering.  A lot of sunscreens have such a sickeningly sweet smell that, depending on my mood, it will either turn my stomach or make me crave candy.  This isn't like that at all.  It has a nice smell to it without being a punch in the nose.

The other thing I love about this is that it isn't greasy.  I am the world's worst about not wearing sunblock as often as I should because I HATE anything that leaves a greasy residue or a film on my skin.  This does neither.  It really does go on just like any normal lotion.

This stuff retails for about $8.99 a 6-ounce bottle, which I'd say is about normal for sunblock as it is generally pretty pricey.  Seeing as how it is one of the only truly non-greasy ones I've ever tried, I'd say it is worth it, though!  (Although it is advertised to also com in SPF 12 and 50 and if I purchase some I plan to get the 50 just for extra protection!)

I guess it goes without saying that I didn't burn with this on...If I had burned that would have been the FIRST thing I mentioned!  ^_^


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