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Friday, July 27, 2012

DIY Vanity Container Set

Diving right in as this post is EXTREEEEMELY image heavy and log, but if you're in for the haul, grab a cup of tea and settle in!  It is worth it if I do say so myself!  This is a tutorial for these containers I DIY'd for my vanity.  I figure if I made my own set then I could just add on as my makeup collection grows! 

First off, get a container.  Whatever size or shape fits your needs will do.  This is just an old plastic container I'd cut to the height I need it to be. 

I wanted it to be sectioned, so I cut a few pieces of thin cardboard and put slits half-way down each in the middle so I could cross them like so:


Next, I put a line of glue from a glue stick on the inside and outside of the top of the rim.

Then, I covered it with a piece of ribbon cut to length and folded in half so it sort of wraps around the edge and hides that ugly cut-off top part.  I held it in place with some tiny pins I had lying around so it could dry and was sure to put extra glue on the ends of the ribbon so it would lie down.

Next: Enter spray adhesive.  I didn't use this on the top part because I didn't want the inside to get sticky or glue-y.

I didn't want the ribbon to spiral, instead I wanted more of a linear, stripe pattern, so I cut strips to fit instead of wrapping and made sure to line all the seams up on the same side so they could all be turned to the back.

Here it is sitting up to dry.  Upside-down, hence the pins looking like feet.

Next, I got a smaller container.  This was from a super delicious Tiramisu gelato.

I trimmed off that odd edge thing where the lid had sat...And apparently swapped containers.  I had a few of these lying around to play with, which was good because I ended up having to throw one out due to an epic fail idea!

I grabbed some sprinkles and stuck them in a coffee filter.  You may be wondering where in the hell I'm going with this, but just hang with me.  :)

Next, I took some clear tape and cut it into strips the circumference of the little container and then dunked them into the sprinkles until they were covered...I probably should have used a used/dried out filter for color variation so its easier to see what's going on!  >.<

After covering the small container in spray glue and letting it sit up for 5 minutes, I wrapped the sprinkle-covered tape strips around the container so that sort of a sprinkle-sandwich was formed.

I added a bit of extra glue to fold in the bottom corners, as you can see on the top corners in the above photo.

Then, I added some clear nail polish over any exposed places on the sprinkles/tape/container, then applied glue to that top, ugly rim.

...And that I dipped in white glitter:

Container #2 Done!

Next, I wanted a small, shallow tray to hold my sponge eyeshadow applicators.  Those things need to be on hand, but are a pain to store in anything with a lid and get lost in the bottom of makeup bags.  I took another container identical to the previous one and trimmed just the bottom off of it to where it made a tiny tray.

Painted with silver glitter nail polish and done.

Here is the completed set!  The two little jars were just lying around and I wrapped a strip of ribbon around one and put a stripe of white glitter around the other.  All items got black/white doodads affixed to them as little decorations.

I love how it turned out, especially the sprinkle-covered one.

Some close-ups...

This way, as my makeup collection expands, I can just DIY more coordinating contaners as I need them.  The charm on the large container didn't photograph too well, but it is a horse shoe with skulls on the ends and a rose hanging off the U-part.  I did remove all of the pins except one that covers the seam in the back and the two up front that hold on the chain.  The rosette on the sprinkle container I just made by twisting then spiraling a leftover scrap of the damask ribbon!  ^_^

This sure did spice up my vanity tray!  It looks so much nicer now.  I'll post a picture once I have the whole thing organized how I want it.

In the mean-time, does it bother anyone else that makeup containers aren't usually very pretty?  That stuff generally gets left strewn all over the bathroom or dressing table for all to see, so it may as well be cute, right?

What do you think?

Wookie Wifey

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