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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color and Hand Creme! (REVIEW)

*Note:  Sally Hansen Magnetic Polish and Nails & Cuticles Hand Creme provided via Influenster and Sally Hansen - opinions is are belong to me.

Double review time, yay!  And I just noticed my title makes it sound like the hand creme is magnetic, too.  Which would explain a lot of magic shows I've seen were there such a thing.

Seriously, tho, where has the time gone?  I haven't posted in a week-ish and I haven't really been actually doing...anything.  A few small crafts here and there and a couple of recipes I still need to get around to posting, but other than that it just seems like I'm on a treadmill only without the bonus calorie loss.

Since I highly doubt you're here to hear me bitch, we'll get along with it!

I thought I'd have some not very nice things to say about this product.  I'd read of people trying the expensive alternatives and of them having a shit time with them and hardly getting any results from the magnets.  However, since this is a double review, let's get this little gem out of the way first:

Sally Hansen Nails & Cuticles Hand Creme

This one, I'm embarrassed to say, I was a bit confused by.   I didn't expect it to do a thing in the world for me.  I abuse my hands terribly.  I mean, terribly.  Like, if they could file for emancipation or abuse of their rights, I'm sure they would.  I do wash my hands and moisturize them with a regular lotion a lot afterwards, (I'm using Aveeno Stress Relief right now and have a small jar of Organics fig-pomegranate I keep in my bag), but I still generally have at least one hang nail at all times.  My cuticles peel, they look horrible.  Since I moisturize I didn't see why this was going to be so much different than my normal lotion/hand cremes I've tried.

But it is.

In the picture, I'd only been using the hand creme for a few days.  I've been using it for...

(sifting through old blot posts for a date...)

Ok, since the 7th.  So that's 10 days now.  Not one hang nail since I started using it, I shit you not.  I've enjoyed most of the products I've received from Influenster and their jolly band of stuff-giving-away cohorts, but this is THE one that I will be searching for when I run out.

My 1 oz sample is almost gone and I feel I now NEED this stuff.  I can remember having hang nails back into my early teens.  That means that for the first time in 15 years or so, no bloody, sore, swollen cuticles.  It sounds stupid, but I really had resigned myself to just having bad, ugly cuticles my entire life.  Not a deal-breaker, certainly, but still sucky and annoying.

This smells light, citrus-y, is not oily or greasy at all, is nice and thick, and doesn't leave you feeling like you either have to wash your hands or hold them in the air a-la surgeon style until they stop feeling funny after application.

Now, on to the Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color.  You can check them out here:  clickyclicky and this color I was sent is Polar Purple.

Note that the odd dings in the nail polish aren't the nail polish, that is my nails.  I told you I abuse them.  They peel off in layers vertically so it really sucks and makes them thin in spots.  Yes, I've tried vitamins.

 As you can see, they turned out brilliantly!  I was excited to get the Polar Purple as I don't have many purples in my collection yet.

Here's a close-up shot and you also may note that my cuticles look better here.  The first two pictures up top, you may notice I had fake nails on.  I did my toes on that day and, deciding that no one in their right mind would want to see my farmer's-tan feet, I waited 3 or 4 days and did my nails, thus the creme had a few more days to work.

One more shot.  LOVE this stuff.



  1. I love that nail polish! I haven't seen many good reviews for magnetic polishs, but this makes me want to try one. I'm no good at nail art, so this means I could have swankly nails without the hassle. :)


    1. As long as you follow the directions word-for-word they come out just like this...You do have to have the magnet ready, though...A few of my toes didn't come out so well because I wasn't prepared and it sat for a few seconds while I fumbled around looking for the magnet. >.<