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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Box o' Awesome Swatches Part 1 - Eye Shadows

Here's part 1 of the swatches from the Biggest Damn Box of Awesome Stuff I've Ever Seen for those of you who are interested.  There's so much stuff that I've broken it down into two swatch posts - this one will be all the eye shadows and the next post will be all the other swatch-able goodies, then reviews will follow suit as I try things out.  I like to try things several times before I post a review if possible so that I can feel confident I've given them a good testing before I review.

There was a gorgeous palette in the previous post that is black with diamantes on the top, but I didn't swatch that in this post as it has 30 colors in it, so I will probably swatch and review that one all on its own in the future after I try out all the colors.

Sorry for the crappy quality of some of the photos, my batteries were screaming at me part way through this as if to say "DAMMIT, WOMAN!"  Most of the photos don't do the colors justice, but they should give you some idea at least.

This is the Kat Von D for Sephora Rock N Roll eye shadow duo in King Cobra.

The inside is two different greens, one a bit lighter and with a heavier metallic shimmer.

Here are the swatches.  You can click all these to see the bigger version.  These are quite pigmented and as much as I don't care for Kat Von D, I really do like these colors quite a lot.

This is Urban Decay Retrograde Eyeshadow in Stardust, and I think this may be my new favorite.


The light this picks up is just incredible.

Here's another shot of it because I just can't get enough of that gorgeous sparkle.

This is the Stila Merry & Bright collectible holiday palette.  I love the case, its too cute...and is it wrong to covet a dress that isn't even real?

This comes with 6 eye shadows and one lip/cheek cream color.  The eye shadows are (from top, clockwise)  chill, glisten, joyful, ebony, butterscotch, and molasses.  The lip & cheek cream color is Lillium, and I adore that name.

Here are the swatches, in the same arrangement as on the palette, with Lillium on the left.

Estee Lauder, color names below.

Second Estee Lauder palette, colors below.

These are Sephora, and since these came out rather blurry in all photos I took, they are No. 7 (the darker one) and No. 11.

I swatched these both wet and dry.

I LOVE how they come out when dampened.

Here is a better shot where you can see how nice No. 11 is when used wet.  It comes out  a beautiful, shimmery champagne color.  Blogger messed up the pic on the upload, though, BOOO!

Another Estee Lauder palette.  The color name that is obscured by the stamp is Smoky Ember.

Here are the swatches.  All the Estee Lauder colors come out quite light, which will make them nice for blending and building.

This is Ulta in Girl Next Door.

Four colors, all nice...The mid-colored green is gorgeous.

This other Ulta palette is Girls' Night Out.

A nice mix of purples and greys.  The champagne color in the middle comes out so shimmery, it will do wonderfully in a retro eye look, which I do often.

This is an Ulta single in Peacock.

I swatched this one wet and dry as well, I just couldn't resist.  Ignore the colors on the bottom of my hand, those were from a previous swatch.

It comes out very, very light dry, as you can see on the right, but goes on as an outstandingly chrome-y, gunmetal-y color when wet.  I can see I'll be using this one wet quite a bit.

...and there we have the eye shadow swatches!  *WHEW*  That was a lot of work!  Extremely fun work, though!!  :)  Now, if you'll excuse me, I have brushes to clean.

<3 WW


  1. Wow, your friend is very generous!

    Love that last shade, so vibrant. My favourite is defnitely the Urban Decay shade, so beautiful, not usually into sparkly eyeshadow, but I bet that one will look great on.


    1. The Urban Decay one is my favorite, too, even though I don't usually wear a lot of purple shadows....That's about to change!

  2. That Urban Decay shadow...oh...my...GLITTER!!!!

    1. IKR? I couldn't believe how sparkly it comes out!