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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Nails!

I got this idea when I saw all4one1fourall's youtube tutorial.  I liked hers, but I suck at drawing bows in the very worst way, so I decided to do a bit of a different spin to it.  By the way, check out her channel if you haven't seen it.  I love it because, like me, she isn't afraid to wear bright, daring makeup colors out with no special occasion.  Usually when you see a colorful makeup tutorial there's something along the lines of "this obviously isn't an everyday look, its too dramatic" and you know what I have to say to that?  WHO CARES?  Its MY face and if wearing bright red or neon pink eye shadow makes me happy, that's damn well what I'm going to do.  Life is way too short to run around worrying about what other people think.

Onwards to the tutorial!

First, I started off with my basic colors.

Then, I started adding the little dots for the wreath.  I ended up with 9.  Just put them in a little circle.  That thing balanced on my hand is my dotter.  I saw somewhere on pinterest that you could make your own by shoving sewing pins into erasers and it works great.  I had pins with different sized heads so I ended up with 3 different size dotters.  FOR FREE from stuff I already had lying around, YAY!

Then, to add more color, I did the tips in the sparkly green.  I just free-handed it, but you can use reinforcements, rubber bands, or tape if you need to.

For the tree, I took a nail art brush and just added little swipes all the way down to where I wanted it to end.

After that was all dry, I took my smaller dotters and started adding ornaments to everything.

I just kept adding dots until it got where I wanted it and added a gold dot at the top of the tree because don't even get me trying to draw a star.

For the bow, this is what I used, and there's a shot of it next to my nail so you can see how teeny it is.  I made three of these last time I did a batch of salt dough for 3-D Hello Kitty nail art, but decided the red one would be perfect for this since I suck at the whole bow-drawing thing.  I just rolled the dough into a tiny piece, then squished it a little at a time until it formed a rough bow-like shape, then used my nails to make little indentations for the middle and painted it with red nail polish once it was dry.

A dab of nail glue to the back and there we go!  3D nail art Yule nails!

Here's a close-up so you can see the bow better.  At this point you'd usually put on a clear coat, but I don't have any except the one crappy one that smudges EVERY-FUCKING-THING, so this will have to do! :)

Hope you like it and let me know if you give it a shot, I'd love to see pics!

By the way, yes, I realize one nail is killer longer than the others.  I've never had a nail get that long and I don't have the heart to file it down!!!  I can get away with it because it's usually my accent nail, right?  Right?!



  1. thats really cute!!! and I LOVE the dotter! I totally need to do that. I'm sure I can find some random pins sitting around somewhere

    1. It is /facedesk easy and I couldn't believe how great it worked.

  2. Oh! Your nails look super cute! I think I may have to try a christmas design!