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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Box o' Awesome Swatches Part 2

Here are all the other swatch-able things that were in my amazing box of awesome.  There was a lot of other stuff, too, but it was mascaras and skin and hair products, so those will be reviewed later on, as will most everything else I'm swatching.  :)

All this swatching was killer fun, too...Although I had to wash my hands so much I was really hitting up the moisturizer!

This is the BITE palette...I threw away the box after I snapped the picture and the black case doesn't say if the palette has a name or not.  Also, the upload-y thing fucked my picture up again.  GAAAH, WHYYY?

However, the colors are Restina, Rose, and Tannin.

I like all 3 colors quite a bit, the Restina is a very nice nude, and I've never tried to pull off a nude, so we'll see how that goes.

I LOVE Tannin, but I sort of have a thing for reds.  In fact, before this box came, I owned only two lipsticks, both bright red - one with shimmer and one flat, so it will be nice to have things to play around with.

This is an Estee Lauder blush in Rosewood.  I owned zero blushers before this.  Seriously.  I was just working with a bronzer.

This color is light and quite nice on me.  I will feel comfortable using this until I get the hang of blush again since I haven't worn it since high school, at least.

This is Estee Lauder palette with two bronzers and one blush - The bronzer I'm guessing, is "01" and the blushers are Pink Kiss and Lover's Blush.

Here's the inside...the colors look darker in person.

The swatches are under the colors, the bronzer is on the left.  You can tell how light these are by how they don't show up well in the swatches...and that was with no blending, so these will blend well and be quite hard to over-do, I'm guessing.  Good, since I'm going to have to start from scratch on blush application.

Here are more lip colors!  Two Estee Lauder and one Stila - Hot Kiss, Rose Tea, and the Stila Lip Glaze is in Kitten.

Kitten is on the right, Hot Kiss center, and Rose Tea on the left.

...and now...

I wrote these in code on my hand in interest of my poor camera batteries.  True story - for over 2 months now my camera has been saying it is out of batteries, and I've kept eeking all these pictures out, lol.  It really is out now, though, must add to shopping list...

Here's a shot of the liners...

....here's the code...
21L - Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes waterproof eyeliner in 21L
4L - Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes waterproof eyeliner 4L
12L - Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes waterproof eyeliner 12L
2L - Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes waterproof eyeliner 2L
1L - Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes waterproof eyeliner in 1L
RB - 404: Page not found.  Seriously.  It is Revlon and I know it is in my box somewhere, but where is beyond me.  I dug and dug and can't find it, so I'll just have to locate it before review time.  Sorry!  (Note to self:  find better way to organize makeup.)
MAC - MAC eye pencil in Coffee
LAN - Lancome long lasting eyeliner in Minuit
MAY - Maybelline Great Wear Budgeproof Waterproof Eyewear in Sapphire
squiggly line - Sephora Doe Eyed Felt eyeliner in...I don't see a color on it...but its black.
straight line - Sephora glitter eyeliner in black

These are some Sephora lashes that were in the box that I just had to show off.  These are "wispy" and I can't wait to use them.

Sooo pretty!  I will also try to remember to compare the Sephora lash glue to the Koji glue when I review them, as I really liked the Koji lash glue that came with my Spring Heart lashes and will be impressed if it is out-done.

That's it for now!  Reviews will be rolling in and now I just have to work so hard to test all this out.  I mean, this is true sacrifice, right here, people!  :)




  1. Ooooh, that Estee Lauder blush is gorgeous. I am also way too excited about the number of eyeliners there. I adore eyeliner. I'd like to know your opinion on that MAC eye pencil as I've never tried there eyeliners before.

    1. I am also a liner-fiend. I will be sure to post a review of the MAC, I haven't tried their liners...Or most of the others up there, so I'm stoked!