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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Zebra Nail Art

This tutorial is so simple as zebra print is maybe the easiest thing ever to do on nail art.  I figured this out on my own, accidentally, trying to do French tips about 10 years ago and have used it ever since.  Needless to say, the French tips didn't work out so well, but I'd discovered how to do zebra print, so I still count that as a win.  This is sort of a quickie tutorial as it is a request so I wanted to get it posted as soon as the Holiday craziness ended.

To prove that I actually can do French tips now, I figured I'd start with that and just zebra the tip of the accent nail, lol.  I'm using L.A. Colors Art Deco in black.  Any nail art polish or regular opaque one with a nail art brush should do just fine, though.

First, start on one side and draw a little line.  It doesn't need to be straight, in fact it looks better if the lines have a bit of wave to them, and should naturally taper off at the end when you lift the brush  but if it doesn't that's okay - that's the awesome thing about animal prints is they don't have to look perfect and sometimes if they are a little imperfect it makes it look better.

Then, from the other side, add  stripe or two and alternate with a stripe or two on each side until you're done.  You can add a few swipes in the middle if you want.  The point is to just make it look random and natural.

And there we go!  That's all there is to it!  This is so much simpler than using nail decals, IMO...Although, I do like the stickers I reviewed as there was no drying time and they lasted forever.  However, for 8 bucks a box, I'll keep doing it the old fashioned way.

A tip - You don't want a lot of product on the brush.  That picture up there...baaaad.  You have to really watch these nail art brushes as they have a tendency to drip down from the stem of the brush while you're getting your art on and leave a big blob on things if you aren't careful.

This is closer to what you want - enough to paint on, but with little to no excess.  I re-dip the brush after every stripe or two rather than loading the brush up and running the risk of screwing up my stripes.

Hope that's simple and I'd love to see pictures if anyone tries it!  :)



  1. Simple, but effective. I agree with you on nail decals, I think its worth doing something like this yourself.