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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Heng Fang Eyeliner Review

Hubs got me a few makeup items for my birthday before the huge box-o-awesome showed up, so here's a review on one of them.  :)  He'd ordered me Coty Airspun powder, which is awesome, smells amazing, and the women in my family have used this stuff going back 4 generations that I know of.  There wasn't any powder in the box-o-awesome, so its all good, I needed this anyway!  ^_^

The other thing he'd ordered me was this Heng Fang gel eyeliner.  Its obviously a Dolly Wink knock off, and I knew it was a knock off when I told him I wanted it, so I'm not disappointed about that at all.  In fact, I'm not disappointed about anything about it.

I'd never tried gel liner of any sort and I think this was like $3 or $4 with shipping and all on Amazon so I decided it would be a good place to start.

There's plenty of product for the price and that packaging is just way too cute.  The brush that came with it actually isn't bad, but I used my MAC brush when I tried it out on my eyes.

It has a nice texture and is goes on very black.

And it goes on quite precise and has a longer drying time than the liquid liners I'm used to using, so you have more time to move it and play with it a bit before it sets.  That line was done with the brush that came with the liner, so you can see it gives a nice clean, clear line.

I like this quite a bit and will probably order more if I ever need to in the future.

So many reviews to post soon!  *.*



  1. I love gel eyeliner, its great for doing that cat liner flick. This looks really good. :)

    1. I was surprised at the difference between gel and liquid liners. While I can put on liquid with equal precision, gel gives more time to smudge and such for effects. Its pretty spiffy.