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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Random Photo Post: Crafts 3.0

Wow so its been a while since I've done a random photo post.  They were supposed to be monthly, but it looks like I lost track of them a...a while ago.  Lately, I've been doing tons and tons of crafts, some I've been blogging and some I haven't.  Here's a few that have slipped through the blogging net:

These hair combs I did one day as a quick craft...I literally just glued cute things to them.

A quick, cheap update for hair accessories.

This is a lid I was working on for my craft bins.  I've since finished them and they are too cute.  This was also my first take of Gir for the DVD drive...Rough draft that came out good enough to paint and keep...yay!

This was a cookie tin I also cute-ified for craft storage.

I used leftover clay mousse from a craft kit for the top and gems and glitter I had lying around to decorate it with, then painted the sides of the lid and tin in stripes and cheetah print with nail polish.

Here's the rest of the tops for my other bins I decorated.

...Finally here's some plush zombies I made for part of an order several months back.  The one with the stitches over the the chest with the heart charm is my favorite.

What projects do you have going?


Wookie Wifey

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